Internal Training
In response to the recent changes to both the EU procurement rules and the impact of the Procurement Reform Act, APUC is running procurement training and this has been rolled out across the sector as 2 separate 1-day training courses. These training sessions are still available upon request and cover:

eLearning Modules
Eight eLearning modules are now available to APUC members, covering:
  • Procurement Legislation & Duties
  • Reporting Duties
  • Choosing a Route to Market
  • Procedures
  • Exclusion, Selection and Award
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Procurement Regulations and Sustainability
  • Sustainable Procurement

Access to the courses is via the APUC Buyers Portal

The Procurement Reform Act (1 day)
The Reform Act Compliance module covers the following:
  • Context and reasons for the legislative changes
  • Key concepts of the Act and explain when these apply
  • Identify the duties that must be applied to a regulated procurement
  • Outline and discuss the statutory guidance that has been produced as a result of the Act
  • Define the requirements of the procurement strategy and annual report

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The EU Procurement Regulations (1 day)
The EU Regulations modules covers the following:
  • Context and reasons for the changes
  • Overview of changes
  • Examine some of the key areas of focus
  • Understand what the impact of the change will be
  • Look at opportunities and risks
  • Put into context for HE/FE sector
  • Look at behaviour change in institutions

Senior Management Briefing (approx. 30mins)
Aimed at Principals, Vice-Principals and Heads of Departments, this 30 minute briefing provides an overview of the recent legislative changes along with the impact and associated risks this brings to your institution.

Budget Holder Training (approx. 1.5 - 2 hours)
The Budget Holder training takes more of an in depth look at the impact of the EU Procurement Regulations and the Reform Act considering in more detail what the operational implications of the changes mean for your institution.

Introduction to Procurement (2-3 hours)
For new entrants into procurement, a short course is available to cover the basics of procurement. This module covers the following:
  • Understand the basic principles of procurement
  • Examine the legal context of public procurement
  • Look at the procurement journey and what is involved in running a procurement exercise

How to Book
Please see the page for details of scheduled courses.
For any other enquiries related to training, including to discuss any bespoke training requirements, please contact Stephen Connor.

External Training
Please see the events page for details of external courses that are available.