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APUC has established separate 1-day training sessions covering the Procurement Reform Act and the EU Procurement Regulations as well as shorter briefing sessions for senior management and budget holders. These are available upon request. If you have a need for procurement training or wish to be placed on a waiting list for a fully subscribed training event please email Development.

Training is also available through the HE Procurement Academy (HEPA) and details of those events that are offered in England and Wales can be found here.

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    Climate Literacy for Procurers

    The Climate Literacy eLearning has been designed to help procurers understand the Climate Emergency challenge, and to appreciate how procurement activity can support net-zero aims for their organisation and Scotland as a whole. The eLearning comprises of 3 modules: The Climate Challenge; Responding to the Challenge; and Taking Action.

    Users will need to be registered on the tools website and login to access the eLearning. This enables users to generate and download a certificate to confirm that they have completed the eLearning. Users can complete the training all at once, or exit and return at a later date to the point from where they left off.

    OnlineScottish GovernmentFree
    8 APUC elearning modules are available
    • Procurement Legislation & Duties
    • Reporting Duties
    • Planning a Procurement
    • Procedures
    • Exclusion, Selection and Award
    • Procurement Regulations and Sustainability
    • Life Cycle Costing
    • Embedding Sustainable Procurement


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    The Procurement Reform Act
    This 1 day course covers the context and reasons for the legislative changes, looks at the key concepts of the Act and explains when these apply, identifies the duties that must be applied to a regulated procurement, outlines the statutory guidance and defines the requirements of the procurement strategy and annual report.
    Upon requestAPUCFree
    The EU Procurement Regulations
    A 1 day course covering the context and reasons for the changes to the EU Procurement Regulations in the context of the HE/FE sector. This course examines some of the key areas of focus, explains the impact of the change including opportunities and risks and looks at behaviour change in institutions.
    Upon requestAPUCFree
    Senior Management Briefing
    Aimed at Principals, Vice-Principals and Heads of Departments, this 30 minute briefing provides an overview of the recent legislative changes along with the impact and associated risks this brings to institutions.
    Upon requestAPUCFree
    Budget Holder Training
    The Budget Holder training takes more of an in depth look at the impact of the EU Procurement Regulations and the Reform Act considering in more detail what the operational implications of the changes mean for institutions.
    Upon requestAPUCFree
    Introduction to Procurement Upon requestAPUCFree
    Introduction to HE Finance
    A high level overview of higher education finance. It is broken down into smaller modules looking at BUFDG, the HE sector, where HE money comes from, how it is spent, governance and reporting.
    OnlineBUFDGFree for BUFDG members
    Introduction to Counter Fraud
    The BUFDG Counter-Fraud Working Group have produced a free, introductory Fraud-Awareness e-learning module, for use in Universities. The module takes about 30 minutes to complete. It covers topics such as; what is fraud, what is bribery, who might commit fraud and what can universities do about it.
    OnlineBUFDGFree for BUFDG members
    Criminal Finances Act 2017
    Designed to help you understand what the Criminal Finances Act 2017 is, how it impacts universities and what you need to do to protect yourself, and support your HEI. This module should take about 20 minutes.
    OnlineBUFDGFree for BUFDG members
    Introduction to HE Procurement
    A high level overview of higher education procurement. It is broken down into smaller modules looking at the importance of effective procurement, the processes, competition issues and strategic issues.
    OnlineBUFDGFree for BUFDG members
    Protecting Human Rights in the Supply Chain
    looks at the human rights issues faced by organisations and in particular in the supply chain. There are a series of detailed topics and a couple of quizzes to test your learning.
    OnlineBUFDGFree for BUFDG members
    The Bribery Act
    Looks at the Bribery Act 2010 and the key elements of the legislative changes. It covers compliance issues, fraud and corruption prevention and what this means for procurement.
    OnlineBUFDGFree for BUFDG members
    Supplier Due Diligence and Risk Management
    Procurement ethics, commercial risk management and engaging with key stakeholders.
    OnlineBUFDGFree for BUFDG members
    Spend Analysis
    Teaches you the why, what and how of spend analysis. You will learn about key tools, techniques and how to present to internal stakeholders.
    OnlineBUFDGFree for BUFDG members
    Cost Modelling
    Looks at cost models, the different types of approaches and the value chain.
    OnlineBUFDGFree for BUFDG members
    Introduction to Sustainable Procurement
    An introduction to sustainability in the world of procurement. It looks at the three pillars of sustainability, legislation requirements and what you can be doing differently in your institution.
    OnlineBUFDGFree for BUFDG members

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